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72 Pencils

George W. Hart

72 Pencils is a geometric construction of 72 pencils, assembled into a work of art. Restricted to a signed limited edition of twenty-five, each shares a common form, yet each is unique.  The form is an arrangement of four intersecting hexagonal tubes that penetrate each other in a fascinating three-dimensional lattice. Each of the twenty-five sculptures in the edition will be constructed with a different type of pencil, so each is a one-of-a-kind object.

For some viewers, part of the interest lies in the form of the interior. The four hexagonal tubes are hollow, so the sculpture as a whole is hollow. But, what shape is its cavity? What would someone on the inside see? To the mathematician, the answer is "the rhombic dodecahedron," a geometric solid bounded by twelve rhombuses.

Interested collectors can commission a sculpture from this limited edition, hand assembled by the award winning geometric sculptor, George W. Hart. The pencils of choice can be specified, as long as they are hexagonal and have not been already used for another piece of this limited edition. Each piece therefore remains a unique work of art.


Above are two other views, showing how it looks along various axes of symmetry. For more information, George W. Hart can be reached by email at