ISIS Symmetry CD


-electronic journal "Visual Mathematics" (10 issues + MathArt exhibitions)


"Fundamental Problems in Creating in Two-Dimensional Space" by Naomi Asakura, 288 pages, 41 color illustrations + 669 b/w illustrations, fundamental book in basic design, for the first time in English (translation from Japanese)

"Symmetries of Music" by Erno Lendvai, 155 pages

"Symmetrien in der Music" by Erno Lendvai, 155 pages (in German)

Excerpts from Lendvai's Works (100 pages with examples and musical files)

"Symmetry and Ornament" by Slavik Jablan, 331 pages, 168 color illustrations

Michael Leyton: Science/Art Portrait (with the complete score and musical file of 5th String Quartet)

Price: 45 US$ (mailing expenses included)

To order, please send an e-mail message to the address, and a payable check to the address:

Slavik Jablan
The Mathematical Institute
Knez Mihailova 35
P.O. Box 367
11001 Belgrade
Yugoslavia (Serbia)